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Silva Method Graduate Comments
Silva Method Graduate Comment

Dear Drs. Aretoula and Bill Fullam,

Praise to Jose Silva for his great Humanitarian contribution!

I am happy to serve and help the Silva and Human Community with my testimonial of the week following my taking the BLS-4, which I took 2 weeks ago in Mahwah, NJ. The workshop was everything it was posted to be.

On Monday morning I shortly went to Level and programmed for Better Trading on my part = better entry points + better exit points - something that has been plaguing me for 12 years of mostly losing money year after year.... trading Call and Put options.

Now, Monday morning Sept 15th, 2008 - I felt so calm - as the stock Market was crashing - That day I effortlessly made $1,250. The next day, Tuesday - $452. On Wednesday some $472. On Thursday some $600 as the Market crashed harder - I was still feeling so calm and focused - while Wall Street and Banks were shaken to their foundations sending ripple effects around the world. Now - On Friday - I was loaded with Call Options - hoping for a rebound - and WHOAH***!!! I got the rebound of my life. Thursday night at closing my account at Ameritrade had barely $13.387. Down from $52,000 - Then, by Friday 2PM I had some $26,000 - the greatest jump and money I ever made in 1 day - in my whole life!! - and I FELT still so calm and focused thanks to the excellent training I received during the arduous but hugely worthwhile Silva Mind Lecture Series 1 - 4 with Drs. Bill and Aretoula Fullam.

With results like these, all the classes should be full when millions and millions of people are in need of answers to pressing financial and life issues. It is a sad thing to see people not engaging in the special seminar that Jose Silva brought to us to help us solve every problem - change unproductive habits to productive ones, and become aware of and use our spiritual and Mind Power!

People should not be unwilling to believe that the Silva Method really works as advertised/claimed - I waited some 20 years myself!!! Do not make the same mistake! Though I did get into something close to that with 18 years of Yoga meditation, the Silva Method Techniques and Meditation is much - much more than what I was practicing. The Silva Method should be taught in all ashrams and meditation centers, in all schools and universities.

It is so amazing that we can harness our mind's faculties and redirect our lives... with such little effort!

Sincerely yours,

Better, Better and Better

Derrick Baker, NYC

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