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The Advanced Silva Method Ultra Seminar

Continue your personal evolution…
by attending the

Silva 2-Day Ultra Healing Seminar

Presented only by Silva's most experienced instructors, the Ultra Program is an extension of and a supplement to the Basic Lecture Series (BLS) Program, and helps grads sharpen the techniques learned in the Basic Lecture Series (BLS).

The Silva 2-Day Ultra Seminar is an extension of and a supplement to the BLS, and helps grads sharpen up the techniques learned in the BLS. You will learn:

* The Silva Holistic Faith Healing Techniques
* The Three Legged Stool of Health
* The advanced Three Scenes Technique
* How to use biofeedback equipment to help you improve your functioning
* To use a common tape player to correct health problems
* Programming at the deep Delta Level of Consciousness
* A "Special" glass of water technique for healing
* Techniques to program business situations, and other situations and circumstances in your life

You learn how to use the Long Relaxation Exercise to teach your loved ones to find their ideal level of mind and use the Silva Method techniques. You learn a different aspect of what the Silva Method is all about, and go more deeply into the reality of a spiritual dimension, and how the spiritual affects the physical. You learn more about the role of brain as central fulcrum in balancing physical/spiritual energy.

Open to Silva BLS Graduates.

"The Ultra Dynamic Healing training builds especially closely on the fundamentals I already learned in the BLS and the Graduate seminars. It provided me with new ways of using the skills with both deep understanding and confidence. The "Energy" healing was completely new to me. I found it not too complicated. Before leaving the UK I had some thoughts concerning a private session ... would be too dull. However, It was fantastic, and rich. Aretoula is so enthusiastic and has so much knowledge to share, which makes it great. I also learned a lot from her at the wider human dimension."

Mogens Svaerke Johansen, London, UK

"Knowledge is Power" - and I learned in the 2-day Ultra Dynamic Energy Healing seminar more about my mind and self, and my mind's potential than ever.

Himanshu Raval, NJ

"The information provided at the 2-day Ultra Dynamic Energy Healing seminar is opening up new ways to heal myself and others, plus techniques to attract new business. I highly recommend everyone to attend this class. "

Steve Nye, NY

"I believe this is the way to get rid of negative emotional baggage from the past and replace it with a positive attitude. "


"Dr. Fullam's 2-day Ultra Dynamic Energy Healing seminar is taking the Silva Method to a new level. I arrived to the seminar with a stomach virus and a cold sore. After the first few in-class healing techniques the virus was gone overnight and the cold sore that used to take 12-14 days to heal already shrunk into half and it's only day four. After the eleven hour class I feel so energized, I have not felt this much energy since I was a child. I cannot wait to apply my new Silva Healing techniques to improve my life. All of the techniques are useful and ingenious. As to the information given, I try not to miss a word, as every word Dr. Fullam says is relevant. There are no "FILLERS" used; her words are all pieces to the puzzle put together at the end. The 2-day Ultra Dynamic Energy Healing seminar is another great course - to me crowning all the pre-requisites - isn't the purpose to find our inner genius and ... use it? It is also to help ourselves and others to health and wholeness. It is achieved in the Ultra Dynamic Energy Healing course of Dr. Fullam. We could have not gotten here if the foundation was not so "careingly" and fully established by Dr. Fullam. It is now, very clear to me.

Thank you Dr. Fullam! Thank you Bill Fullam!"

Andrea Viglasi, NJ.

Silva Method Ultra Seminar (in 2 Days):

Ultra Repeat:

$50 seating fee with preregistration

Please make checks payable to:
Dr. Aretoula Fullam

Dr. Aretoula Fullam is a Health and Personality Psychologist, trained at Harvard Medical School and certified in Mind/Body Medicine, Meditation in Psychotherapy and Spirituality and Healing. She is also certified from the Silva Method Institute of Psychorientology to teach the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series, the Silva Method Children's Seminar, the Advance Graduate Series Seminar and the Advance Ultra Energy Healing Seminar.

Take a voyage to extraordinary realms of consciousness! The Silva Method New Jersey is offering its legendary "Ultra Energy Healing at the Quantum Level of Energy."

Now, more than 40 years of celebrating success, the Ultra Energy Healing Seminar is a two-day intensive program dedicated to the development and exploration of human consciousness using the scientifically based and clinically proven subjective and objective use of energy at the quantum level, known as "Psychic Healing." This patented technology, supported by more than 25 years of research and 60 years of supporting results, can help individuals experience realms of consciousness and healing, YES Healing, at the pure energy field of unlimited potentiality. No words are available to describe the subjective experience of feeling healing taking place when energy is being vibrated with the "Intention to Heal" at the level of creation.

Participants share adventures throughout their attendance and practice the program techniques while developing close bonds and lasting friendships. Although actual experiences vary from person to person, most participants consider the "Ultra Healing Seminar" to be one of their most meaningful and life-changing experiences.

Register to learn from an expert in mind/body medicine, healing modalities to secure and maintain lasting happiness, health and well-being, abundance and success in your life even during times of challenge and uncertainty.

You will learn unique hands-on energy healing techniques proven to: eliminate stress, enhance creativity and intuition, remove obstacles that prevent achievement of your goals, and provide an amazingly simple step-by-step method to grow faster effortlessly and easily, now! Learn how to convert problems into challenges with creative solutions and welcome opportunities.

The Ultra Healing Seminar teaches anyone from a lay person to a corporate professional, from homemakers to scientists, from artists to presidents and CEOs, how to tap their natural ability and turn any uncomfortable and unwanted situation that seems unsolvable and bathed into detrimental negative emotionality - including the root causes of any illness, limiting belief systems, fear, anger, anxiety, pain - into a project with more than one solutions, instantly on the spot.

You can join the many millions of highly motivated individuals around the country and the world from all places in life, who since 1966 have learned how to use more of their minds and tap into this natural field and learn how to use this ability to free themselves from unwanted blocks to achieve their goals quickly and easily, whether these goals are in the area of health, finances/wealth, business, relationships, education, sales, sports, art, etc.

You can apply the Silva Method Training Mental Tools to accomplish any and all of the following and even more:

* Have more money flow your way
* Have radiant health, vitality and well-being
* Heal unwanted illness or conditions in your life, even when they tell you ‘this is the best we can do; there is nothing more do do; you have to live with it.’
* Eliminate headaches, chronic pain, arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, help defeat multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc.
* Lose weight and keep your ideal weight for he rest of your life
* Stop smoking and/or alcoholism and never have a graving for it
* Get rid of insomnia and sleep better without the use of medication
* Free yourself from fear, stress, anxiety, depression, tension and infertility
* Tap into the emotional wisdom of your being
* Enhance your Intelligence and Intuition
* Achieve lasting inner peace, joy and happiness
* Integrate the whole you (Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Intuitive), and enjoy perfect, radiant health
* Sparkle the link with Higher Intelligence and keep the link open for the rest of your life for a better, healthy, whole, prosperous and abundant life.

We realize that these claims could sound like magic or extravagant suggestions; however, we have 99.6% success for over 40 years now, in 111 countries around the world, in millions of people who graduated from the Silva Method around the globe, who keep on introducing the method to their loved ones, their children and their friends. The program is translated and offered in 31 languages. The only pre-requisite for attending the method is your desire to improve your life, learn a step-by-step method on how to do it, ....and do it! At the end of the course you will see the true potential that is in you and that mastery of this innate ability for health and true happiness comes from within by integrating all parts of yourself. This is not magic but it can be yours because the Ultra Healing Seminar starts from where traditional methods stop. It is not the “magic pill” nor the external “fix.” It is all within your potentiality as a “human being” equipped with all the necessary ingredients to learn how to use this elegant and powerful means for you to change yourself from the inside out, easily, effortlessly and permanently. Health is re-establishment of balance and harmony in all parts of your “Total Self.” By learning how to realign energy at the “pure spiritual level” the level of creation, the “quantum field of all possibilities” you will see the results of health manifesting at the physical level of existence.

Have you ever attended a seminar that gave you results more than it promises over time?

The Silva Method Ultra Mind Seminar has proven itself reliably and with validity to be a powerful and effective tool for anyone who desires “Better” both, in individual and corporate life, productivity, improvement, wellness and well-being. Positive results from the millions of graduates and independent studies during and after the 25 years of research have demonstrated time after time that graduates get “Better & Better” and their results continue to increase over time as creative ideas flow in their lives. Our graduates from all over the world and all walks of life continue to report increasing success in their lives in all areas, including health, wealth, sales business, communication, spirituality, etc. They are our living evidence of the success of this program.

When was the last time you felt great, ... and without guilt?

If you bring back memories of your life, probably you can remember an experience - even if it was only for a brief instant - when everything seemed perfect and in harmony. You felt calmness, at ease and in control, alive, full of vitality, radiantly healthy and lovingly connected with every thing.

With the Silva Method Training of Dynamic Meditation and the advance Silva Method Graduate Series and Ultra Healing Seminar your whole life can be like that - magical reality - even in midst of a crisis, while handling challenges, making important decisions or just dealing with the everyday nuisance and stressors of life. Because your physical, mental spiritual, emotional and intuitive parts are all integrated together in one whole unique Being, The True You! You can let go of anger, stress, tension and uncomfortable emotions and anxiety that prevent you from having it all and being intuitive, healthy, wealthy and successful. You can have access to those constructive feelings of success and wholeness inner security, feeling in control, feeling happy and alive, with clarity of thought. The Graduated Series teaches you how to unlock and release negative programs that hold you back from reaching your fullest potential, negative beliefs that were imposed on you when you were young and tap now free from limitations into your intuitive and creative self. The Ultra takes you even further, giving you the keys to heal the “illness of your body” at the cause level and never experience it again. You see, at this level of “Total Self” the integrated you, there is only harmony, only balance, only wholeness and health. This part of you does not know limitations, illnesses etc., but only perfection. The blueprint is Total Health.

Are you ready to be the master of your life and live the life you desire?

Mastering your emotions and directing your thoughts towards your goals, intuition and creativity are fundamental skills that can be advance to easily change every aspect of your life. Change originates inwardly and expands outwardly. Healing occurs inwardly and shines outside. Your body does not understand spoken language, but your body understands mental imagery and responds to it immediately with measurable results. Use this intuitive inner wisdom technology of your body, mind and spirit to heal every aspect of your being. Use your emotions as a power source to enhance your programming for success. Instead of having your emotions work against you to make you sick, learn to direct them to be your energizing force towards what you want, to bring back harmony to your body and health to you.

So, how do we learn mind discipline and emotional intelligence to achieve the level of genius?

Every human being is born a GENIUS! Fifty years of researching the human brain and mind revealed that 90% of people use only the left brain hemisphere to think with. They do their thinking and acting using only the outer level of consciousness, the left brain hemisphere. This results in limiting people to use only their logical, intellectual, book smart abilities and objective means to solve problems. Dr. Silva’s research showed that 4 out of 5 solutions using this mode of thinking are wrong. Dr. Silva’s research also showed that only 10% of individuals think with the right brain hemisphere and then take action using the left brain hemisphere. Interestingly the 10% were having 4 out of 5 solutions right, using this mode of functioning, and were classified as geniuses. They demonstrated “extraordinary intelligence surpassing that of most intellectually superior individuals.” They are healthier, make few mistakes, have fewer accidents, they are luckier, they are more successful in life and they are happier. In other words, they not only have higher intellectual ability than the average person, they have more intellectual ability than even the intellectually superior people. In addition, they had guidance intuitively, that is why they made the decisions they made! Interesting!!!! How can this be explained? They have found a whole new dimension that they are using for problem solving, a dimension that has no limitation but has tremendous potential for those who learn how to use it, tapping into a power source of unlimited resources and potentiality.

This field of unlimited power is the “Alpha” level of brain activity and every person can learn how to use it by attending the “Basic Lecture Series” Program of the Silva Method. The Graduate Series Program takes the graduates of the BLS to a higher and deeper level of breaking limiting beliefs and tapping into the creative and intuitive source by improving the psychic potential. The Ultra Healing Seminar takes the graduates to a higher and deeper level of success, a level of “psychic, energy healing” or “medical intuitive with healing capabilities” “laying on of hands” and subjective and objective advanced healing techniques at a distance and within one’s field of aura. Every graduate of the Ultra training will leave the seminar a “Psychic Healer” who can use objective and subjective techniques at a distance and in proximity to offer healing.

The Ultra Seminar will show you how to harness the natural activity of your brain at the Alpha dimension, using the two faculties of your mind, Visualization and Imagination to heal yourself and your loved ones. You learn to use your mind, the faculty of human intelligence to totally transform your life and your world and free yourself from conditions that are not healthy. As you use the Silva Method techniques 15 minutes a day you will experience true spiritual freedom, wholeness and health being in control and living the life you want. And this is just the beginning...........

You can learn the Ultra techniques by attending the live seminar in New Jersey, taught by Dr. Aretoula Fullam, a scientist who has received training from one of the best medical schools in the United States, Harvard Medical School and presents in her extraordinary way the “Oneness” of Science and Spirituality through her training in both, Science and Spirituality. Dr. Fullam and her husband, Bill Fullam, who is also an expert in mind/body training are conducting monthly seminars in Ridgewood, New Jersey and around the world.

Call 1-201-612-8200 for our next seminar, or register through our registration form posted in our web site at and, or send us an e-mail at

We are here to help you help yourselves. Our mission is “Betterment of Humanity” starting with ourselves.

Better, Better and Better
Dr. Aretoula and Bill Fullam

We also do special seminars on related subjects let us know your specific needs.

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