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Frequently asked questions

On this page we will answer some of most often asked questions:

Q "Is the Silva Method hypnosis?"

A No, hypnosis is that state of mind that you can be taken to where your mind functions inductively only, not deductively, where you only answer questions; you don't ask questions. The deeper you are taken, the less control you have, and the more you forget. The brain waves of a person active under hypnosis are 20 cps. In the Silva Method you are in control of your own mind and you can ask and answer questions. The Silva Graduate's brain vibrates between 7 - 14 cps or Hz, and after practice the brain vibrates at the 10.5 Hz or cps which is the center of Alpha brain wave frequency. With more practice, the graduate of the Silva Method can master Theta brain wave activity, where biological or emotional intelligence resides for correction of emotional problems.

Q "Is the Child's Graduate certificate good for future BLS Seminars?"

A Yes, the Children's BLS (Basic Lecture Series) certificate is valid for future BLS Seminars (adult or childrens depending on the child's age at the time of the next seminar).

Q "Is lunch included with the seminars?"

A No, lunch is not included. The hotel has an open area that you can use if you bring your lunch. There are many choices for lunch locally. Within a short drive west (0.7 mile) there are many restaurants (8-10 including Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Allendale Bar & Grill, McDonalds, Blimpie Subs & Salads, A&P Salad Bar). For the children's seminar we often get a large table in the restaurant for everyone to stay together. It is your choice. At least an hour is normally given for the lunch break.

Q "Can you give me a simple summary of the course material?"

A The BLS (Basic Lecture Series) teaches you to use more of your mind, create balance in all areas of your life and come in-touch with your spiritual essence.

Q "What is the content of the BLS?"

A The BLS (Basic Lecture Series) is comprised of four sections:
MC101 Controlled Relaxation
MC202 General Self-Improvement
MC303 Effective Sensory Projection
MC404 Applied Effective Sensory Projection

With MC101 and MC202 individuals learn to relax the spinal and autonomic nervous systems at will and effective techniques to eliminate pain, enhance memory and intuition.

With MC303 and MC404 the powers of imagination and creative visualization are introduced and subjective communication is learned for optimum functioning.

Q "What is objective and subjective as stated in the Silva Method?"

A Objective concerns itself with the discovery, appreciation and application of the external world and objective senses for successful living. Subjective involves the discovery, appreciation and application of the mental senses and of the kingdom within for successful living. The Silva Method offers a harmonizing of the two as a means by which persons can educate themselves subjectively through psyche-orientation at their own pace.

Q "What is Psychorientology?"

A Psychorientology is the new science researched and discovered by Dr. Jose Silva. It means educating the mind to function consciously within its own dimension. That means becoming aware of the boundlessness of human potential and learning how to actualize this potential for the betterment of self and humanity.

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