Jose Silva
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Jose Silva

The story of Jose Silva — the mind behind The Silva Method — is one of the world’s greatest success stories. During his lifetime, Jose Silva was a businessman, athlete, artist, educator, scientist, philosopher, and the founder of The Silva Method. After starting his business career at the tender age of six, this self-educated man would eventually work his way up and become a well-respected businessman, establish an electronics training school in his hometown Community College, design and receive patents for several biofeedback instruments, and write over a dozen books that would reach over two dozen countries. He spent his entire lifetime developing his creative and intuitive abilities and teaching others to find their own abilities within themselves. Silva spent over 20 years studying great minds, researching the human condition, and developing self-help programs before unveiling his findings. Silva’s research findings – The Silva Method — first made its way to the public eye in 1966. Today his life’s work is being presented in over 30 languages in 111 countries. Silva served as Chairman of the Board of The Silva Method up until 1999, when he passed away peacefully in his home.


Dr. Jose Silva was a research scientist who was interested in parapsychology motivated by his disbelief in the paranormal. His research findings and discoveries led him to revise his beliefs and thinking. However, he continued his research about the nature of the human mind, and like Galileo who dropped differing weighted objects from the tower, da Vinci who theorized about human flight, Edison who designed the incandescent light and Einstein who theorized about relativity following his intuition and creative mind, Dr. Jose Silva developed the means of Effective Sensory Projection (Subjective Communication) with his remarkable discoveries which still revolutionize science and scientific investigation.

Sensory projection is effective, sensory projection is energetic, and sensory projection is the personal possession of everyone. Dr. Silva believed in the possibility of universal innate psychic ability. After all, every human being has a psyche, therefore psychic abilities should be innate. The results from his studies led to the development of a series of lectures and mental exercises which instruct and train people via structured methodological procedures and step-by step guidance to operate at different levels of mind i.e., at an altered state of consciousness.

This method is training self-mind control ...your control, guidance, direction of your mind. The Silva Method is the scientific discovery of a new science, the science of “Psychorientology” dedicated to the betterment of humanity through psychospiritual development.

Results from fifty-five years of repeated experiments in millions of people worldwide demonstrated beyond any doubt that people can learn to use the method of self-mind control and function at these levels of awareness consciously. People can learn to improve the skills within their intellectual potential, such skills as concentration, memory, creative imagination, and verbal and artistic expression.

They can learn to bolster personality components such as self-confidence, motivation, self-worth, self-esteem, nurturance and leadership. People can learn to correct disturbing behavior patterns such as excessive drinking, smoking and overeating, nervous tension, shyness and insomnia. With the self-mind control training people can learn to use more of their mind.

The method Dr. Silva developed can help you discover frontiers of your mind that you did not even know existed. Self-mind control is a method which helps you to develop your Psi factor... the mis-named extra sense.

People can discover the kingdom within. A whole new kingdom that has limitless power. The only limitations are the ones imposed by ignorance. The innate psychic ability is like unmined gold and unsung songs. Do not go to your grave without finding the gold mine in you! The potential is there. Realize it; actualize it; use it. This potential is yours, is in you learn to use it and take control of your life. Discover the master key in you and use it to open any door you desire!

With the Silva Mind Control Method we can train a group of persons (or in private sessions) to function at lower, more stable, more energetic and very valuable brain frequencies for specific applications. At these altered states of consciousness people not only can become aware of information relative to problems, but they can also become aware of information relative to the solution of such problems. This discovery indicates that the human brain, mind and intelligence functioning at these altered levels of consciousness have tremendous problem-solving abilities and potential. This indicates that human intelligence is not only capable of sensing information impressed on its own brain, but is also capable of sensing information wherever it is impressed even at a distance. This kind of sensing, through which we can acquire information takes place when awareness is functioning at lower brain frequencies, at the lower, more energetic Alpha brain frequency. This is what we call subjective communication. Self-mind control develops subjective communication which opens completely new dimensions of communication channels. These dimensions can be used for educational purposes, for self-improvement, for business, for health and healing, for psycho-spiritual development, for communication and literally anything one desires.

The Silva Method of self-Mind Control is the means to function psychically - clairvoyantly - at a lower, more stable and energetic brain frequency known as Alpha brain waves for a specific, desired purpose. Dr. Silva discovered that the beta level of brain waves are used in man’s every day five-senses, objective level of mind. Further, opposed to the common belief that psychic abilities and clairvoyance involve higher than beta frequency, he discovered and verified that psychic abilities and clairvoyance occur at lower frequencies than beta, i.e., Alpha brain frequency. The beta state of mind he named the Outer Conscious Level which is in agreement with Nobel price winner Roger Sperry’s objective reality of the left brain hemisphere. It is at the alpha-theta level, this Inner Conscious Level, that the human mind actualizes its tremendous problem solving potential. This inner awareness or what Roger Sperry called Right Brain subjective reality, this sensing of information at the alpha-theta level is taught in the Silva self-mind control method.

Dr. Jose Silva, like Christopher Columbus, is not a map maker - he is a world discoverer. He discovered a method of tapping into the Inner world that Freud called “subconscious,” consciously. Dr. Silva’s discovery truly is “The beginning of the second phase of human evolution on this planet.” This revolution has already begun! And millions of people worldwide are experiencing the magic of discovering the unlimited potential of their own mind!

We invite you to tap into the wisdom of your own mind and heal any ailment in your life. Wisdom is within! True education is not pushing in from outside; instead, it is to draw out knowledge from within!


"Man's mind is limitless. Conscious control of the subconscious, and peace that passeth all understanding as known by Christian and Hebrew mystics, Sufis, Yogis and Zen masters - all this is now available to the Western culture." Dr. Jose Silva


The Silva Method - Aretoula Fullam, Ph.D. - 38 E. Ridgewood Avenue, #217, Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450 - Phone: (201) 612-8200

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