Youth Lecture Series
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The Silva Method for Children


A 2 Day Children's Course for ages 6 to 12 years.


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"I like the Silva course because I know it will help me in my future"
Luca Mastrofini, Italy
Change Your Thinking, Change Your Brain

Our children are exposed today to innumerable risks, dangers and stressors.

Growing up in an environment that is emphasizing a lot of things that are not at all beneficial to the natural growth of our children can have significant and detrimental effects towards ADD, ADHD, bullying, and trauma. 

Dr. Aretoula Fullam, is a scientist with expertise in human development from childhood to adulthood.  She researched the development of internal working models and how these models are activated in life from events that are not in harmony or in balance with the developing brain of children. 

The ability to manage stress helps children remain resilient in school, homework, concentration, learning and memory. 

Dr. Fullam will teach your children to master their innate ability to remain healthy, highly motivated, accomplish their homework and goals, stop hyperactivity, increase their ability to concentrate and remain focused, develop self assertiveness, and overcome peer pressure, bullying and uncomfortable events that cause their self-esteem to plummet.

In this workshop your child will learn the following:

The benefits of developing and understanding positive thought
The development of leadership skills.
The development of focus and concentration and passing exams with As
The secrets of achieving goals easily and effortlessly
To relax and manage stress, worries, anxieties and fears
Important steps to correct and smart spelling 
Creative problem solving
Reviewing, recalling and memorizing lessons.
Listening and learning skills
Reading skills with concentration and focus
To say NO to peer pressure and still have friends
To improve memory and superior processing of school work
Improve sports abilities
Manage hyperactivity and ADHD through meditation and visualization
Manage ADD with meditation and visualization
Eliminate stress, hyperactivity, inattention
Learn to communicate with parents, friends and peers

Executive Control is one of the very few skills in life that are as important compared with the ability to exert control over the Executive Center of one's brain.  Results from research studies show that children with the ability to remain focused on a goal, while filtering out irrelevant stimuli, stressors and unnecessary information they are being subjected to, especially ignoring stray impulses, are more likely to succeed in life and school and do better as adults in work and life  (Monitor, May 2011, A publication of the APA).  The Children's Seminar with Dr. Aretoula Fullam can help children cultivate these essential cognitive skills and mental development, and most importantly maintain them as adults.  A growing body of research and evidence is showing and suggests that these mental skills can change not only behavior, but the structure and chemistry of the brain itself. It is really an applied science in brain development and the plasticity of the brain. 
"Today, as always, teenagers have a lot of important decisions to make. 'Do I get in that car with my friends even though I know they've been drinking?' 'My classmates are all trying drugs, should I try them too so that I'm not let out?' These are just a few of the more critical ones. Then, there are the everyday choices tht could make a big difference later in life, like: 'What courses should I take?' 'Is he/she the right person for me?' 'What college should I go to?' Thinking back at my own teenage years and the choices I made without having Silva yet as a guide to help me, I decided that I wanted more for my son. While Luca (age 11), and I were in New Jersey visiting my mom, I arranged with Dr. Fullam to give Luca a training session. I was amazed at how good his concentration was. He sat there from 9 am till 6 pm for two straight days listening to every word she said. At the end of the course he had already developed his ESP guessing not only the objects we had put in a closed bag but also telling us which object we planned to hide in the bag next! I am so glad I have given this gift to my son. He will soon reach the adolescent years and will start to make most of his own decisions. I am glad he can now use his own inner judgement to make the right choices. Thanks Dr. Fullam for your part in this!

Luca's mom.

All participants receive a manual, a graduation certificate, and a graduate ID for free repeat privileges all over the world, any time they desire. 


Did you ever wish to have had the Silva Method Training when you were younger?

Well, here's your opportunity to make your wish come true for your child! 

As a parent you want the best for your child, so not delay! As a graduate parent you know first hand the value and worth of the Silva Method Seminar techniques! Every moment with the Silva Method Training is worth millions of dollars for the young developing human being! Hurry-up! 

Our world today exposes children to innumerable risks, dangers and stressors. Growing up in an environment that is emphasizing "doing" than "being" can have deleterious effects on the developing brain. Why not give your child the resources to handle this experience better? By learning to orient their thinking at the alpha brain wave frequency using the Silva Method Genius Management techniques, your children can achieve anything they set their minds on! They can attract anything they desire, get the top grades, work smarter, and even have abundance of free time and money! They will learn early in life the principles from the School of Success to create a life of purpose by realizing their magnificence! You, a proud parent will have a growing Leonardo DaVincci in your own home, and excel even to a higher level! Can you imagine how much more effective you would have been if you had been given the Silva Method tools and techniques early in your life? Your child's confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and disciplined physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development will rise as their grades will be rising as he/she begins to understand and use his/her full power and creativity. Your young Silva Method graduate will rise at the top attracting the best in his/her life, enjoy the best of health and happiness with the right wonderful soul-mate partner. Your child will be the one to create the life he/she wants rather than be a victim of the circumstances and reacting to them. Give the opportunity to your child to develop a life based on the foundation of proven values and a life based on effortless growth embracing their authentic self. 

Dr. Fullam, a psychologist with expertise in child development, mental representations that guide our lives, and a certified Instructor of the Silva Method of New Jersey, offers you this unique opportunity to enable your child to direct the natural power of creativity and imagination that they already possess. The untrained person is processing information based on mental representations created from earlier experience. These Internal Working Models (IWMs) can help your child be successful or mediocre. These IWMs if activated from present situations perceived as threats rather than challenges will create a life of struggle. If your child opens his/her awareness to the infinite possibilities of creative solutions, you and your child will be very happy, satisfied and joyful from the many successes. Help your child create an IWM based on security, and knowledge that he/she is not his behavior or his/her body but instead, a being of love manifesting a magnificent reality that surpasses any wild dream! By harnessing this internal power of the subconscious, they can apply their charismatic skills and purpose to achieve the goals that are best for them and Humanity. Would you like to enable your child to claim the success that is his/her birthright? The Silva Children's Course will guide your child in using their inherent skills and genius to make their lives personally, socially and professionally rewarding. It will be like having a guardian angel around them all the time, or even better, having a direct communication with the Source of Everything, at will! Are you ready for it!

Dr. Aretoula Fullam, presents this 2-day seminar. 

Dr. Fullam studied the development of humans from infancy to adulthoold, the developing brain, the development of Internal Working Models and how these mental representation affect one's life as adult. The developed IWMs can affect one's life and personality in positive or negative ways depending on how the new information is being perceived and experienced. In her dissertation, Dr. Fullam, studied one thousand individuals in the most important aspects of their lives, intra-personal development and relationships, interpersonal communication, intimate relations, social interactions, social support, Emotional Intelligence, and physical, emotional, psychological and immunological health.

Dr. Fullam is a qualified scientist to be entrusted with your child and a Certified Instructor for the children's Seminar. 

In this seminar your child will learn: 

The development and importance of Mental Representations.

The benefits of developing and understanding positive self talk. 

The use of creativity and imagination. 

The development of leadership skills.

To develop focus and concentration for problem solving. 

The secrets of achieving goals easily and effortlessly. 

To be an A student and still have lots of free time for fun.

To relax and manage worries, anxieties and stress. 

To say NO to peer pressure and still have friends. 

To avoid any deceitful approaches for drug use and bad habits. 

To improve memory and superior recall of information. 

To use the Silva techniques for more success academic and personal.

To protect him/her self from all risks leading to failure, such as peer pressure, cigarette smoking, alcohol, drugs and anything that puts them in danger. 

Invest in your child now.

Youth Lecture Series:

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$50 seating fee
$ 0 seating fee, if accompanied by a new student

Please make checks payable to:
Dr. Aretoula Fullam

Children’s Testimonials

"The Silva Method is significant and essential for every individual; it has given me hope and belief that every individual is a unique entity with a mind of his or her own."
Seet Whykeen, Kuala Lumpur, March 2007

"I have improved in my attitude and self-esteem. I hope that this course can be spread to others so that they, too, can benefit from it."
Lina Tong, Kuala Lumpur, March 2007

"With the Silva Method, instead of waiting for things to happen, I can now make things happen. I feel in greater control..."
Yoong Wai Fong, Kuala Lumpur, March 2007

"I find the Silva Method course useful for my studies. I would like this type of course to go on for the next generation..."
Raja Reubendran, Kuala Lumpur, March 2007

"I have excelled tremendously in my studies. I visualized myself writing out the answer accurately and it was so when the time came."
Carlos J.Moreira, Kuala Lumpur, March 2007

The Silva Method of Stress Management and Mind Development is a program that gives the participant simple step-by-step techniques to develop mental skills such as relaxation, imagination, concentration, focused attention, memory, intuition and creative problem solving. It strengthens the self-esteem and self-worth of the children to become resilient, responsible and successful in their lives.

Research to develop the Silva Method began in Laredo, Texas in 1944. Dr. Jose Silva's original purpose was to find ways to help his children improve their ability to concentrate and to remember lessons, so that they could learn more and make better grades at school.

In his continued research, Dr. Silva worked with children who had learning difficulties as well as those who wanted to improve their learning aptitude. He questioned the statement that a person's initial I.Q., fluctuates only five points in either direction. In the Graduate Lecture Series Manual (1969), he states that:

"the measurement of intelligence depends upon solving problems. If people could become better problem-solving individuals, the I.Q., test would become simpler for them. Besides the goal of mental acuity, there always remains the possibility of emotional blocks, nervousness, tension, over-eagerness to met predetermined standards, and many other factors that would hamper the ability of test taking.
Subjective factors had been neglected in favour of a measurable performance which might only tell part of the story. "

The Silva Method for Children's Seminar provides the tools so no child will ever feel the above mentioned blocks, but instead reach their fullest potential learning to apply very simple steps and mental tools to get them successfully anywhere they want to go in life and meet any situation they encounter successfully.

In the Silva Method Seminar children learn skills for life and benefit from:

* A lifetime gift of stress management and inner peace.

* A lifetime gift of empowerment to achieve one's potential in all areas of life.

* A lifetime gift of self-esteem, self-empowerment and self-appreciation that comes from achieving excellence with memory and learning skills.

* A lifetime gift of self-control with no desire or need for overeating, smoking, alcohol, street drugs and habits that lead to troubled life.

* A lifetime gift of skills for creative thinking and intuition that are valuable for finding solutions to all areas of life.

* A lifetime gift of an inner wisdom that comes when they enhance their intuitive awareness.

One of the most important creative figures of the twentieth century, one of interest to psychologists and inventors, is R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), who long championed the cause of intuition. He believed it to be a principal tool of humankind in all of its endeavors. ...Fuller recognized that many of the major scientific breakthroughs from the time of ancient Greece onward were the result of what he identified as intuitive insights, and he predicted that such insights would continue to contribute to future conceptual and psychological advances.

Well, offering the Silva Method Training as a gift to your child, you are signing your child's life long success. Please contact us at for more information and to register your child to attend a seminar for life.

We also do special seminars on related subjects let us know your specific needs.

Please call us at (201) 612-8200  for more details.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

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