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The Silva Method is scientifically based and spiritually driven, the perfect balance of mind and body.

The Silva Method is truly one of the world's premier mental development systems, helping millions to improve their lives through its systems of mind/brain mastery. Graduates report improved memory, concentration, visualization, imagination, intuition, creativity, positive thinking and attitude, reduced depression, miraculous cures and self-healings as well as the 100% Guaranteed awakening of the so-called psychic senses.

It was developed by the late Jose Silva, a self-educated millionnaire, father, grandfather, uncle and general all-round genius. He holds multiple U.S. Patents in the electronics and bio-feedback areas. His courses give individuals a deeper understanding of their God-given abilities and how to use them.

Jose Silva's Rolls Royce was a gift from a successful and grateful student

Jose Silva, founder of The Method, spent 22 years studying the world’s greatest minds of every discipline – including scientists, religious gurus, non-traditional healing groups, psychologists and eastern philosophers.

The Silva Method was first presented in 1966 and has been continuously taught by Certified Silva Method Instructors (CSMIs) for the last 40 years. In fact — The Silva Method has been taught and put into practice by over a million people worldwide. Currently, our programs are being taught in 111 countries in 30 languages.

Dr. Aretoula Fullam and Jose Silva  --- Joe Jr.,
Dr. Aretoula Fullam and Jose Silva --- Joe Jr., Isabel , Aretoula, Bill, Laura, Tony

Dr. Aretoula Fullam with Laura Silva
Dr. Aretoula Fullam with Laura Silva

Do you have the desire to:

• Manage and Conquer Stress?
• Reduce Weight?
• Eliminate Chronic Pain?
• End Phobias and feelings of Panic?
• End Insomnia without the use of drugs?
• Stop smoking, alcoholism or any other bad habit without relapses?
• End Infertility?
• Conquer Sexual Problems?
• Overcome Exams and Speaking Anxiety?
• Improve Attention, Memory and Concentration?
• Increase your IQ and Emotional Intelligence?
• Live life to the fullest without anxiety and anxious behavior?
• Regain your vitality and enthusiasm for life without depression?
• Solve problems?
• Find Creative Solutions?
• Pass Every Exam you take with the highest grade?
• Get the Job you Want?
• Increase your Income?
• Tap into your Creative Side?
• Become more Intuitive?
• Master and Use Remote Viewing?
• Regain your Health?
• Find the Golden Keys for a success full life?
• Heal aspects of your life that need healing and become again “Whole?”

With the Silva Method Training you can achieve all these easily and effortlessly! Even more, at the ease of your own home and at your own pace!

Do you know why is that so easy?

Because with the Silva Method training you tap into the limitless potential of your “Inner Self” your “Subjective Self” and proceed from the inner (mindful/subjective) dimension towards the outer (physical/objective) dimension to experience effortless and lasting changes!

With the Silva Method training you learn to go to the “Creative Dimension” from where everything originates, bringing therefore, the problem back to its original form, make the correction through visualization and imagination at the alpha brain wave frequency and expect the desired result (corrected outcome) to become real!

It is as simple as closing your eyes, have a sincere desire to correct the problem you are facing, turn it into a loving project and achieve it without pain, without effort, without difficulties. The “No pain, No gain” philosophy becomes obsolete with the embrace of the “I achieve anything I want easily and effortlessly” life experience through Self-Mind Control.

All you need is a sincere desire, belief and expectancy to achieve the goal you have in mind!

Millions of Graduates of the Silva Method Self-Mind Control training testify to all these in 111 countries around the world! They all report Success after Success! We will hand over the “Golden Key” to success “Demystified” in your own hands. Call us! We are here to help you help yourself!

The Silva Method is a reliable training with valid results!

True Science is when the experiment is being replicated and generalized. We invite you to experience it! If you do not experience it we will return your money to you!

Jose Silva and Burt Goldman with Dr. Fullam
Jose Silva and Burt Goldman with Dr. Fullam in Athens 1992 World Convention

Our Philosophy

Through programs students learn how to stop smoking, sleep without medication, awake without alarm clocks, relax, and relieve nervousness. In addition graduates of The Silva Method have learned how to improve memory and creativity, use dreams and detect information to solve problems, and develop true ESP.

Using age-old wisdom, tools and techniques, The Silva Method has proven successful time and time again.

With The Silva Method’s complete
money-back guarantee, students have everything to gain. Contact
us for more information.

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The Silva Method - Aretoula Fullam, Ph.D. - 38 E. Ridgewood Avenue, #217, Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450 - Phone: (201) 612-8200

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