The Original Silva Method BLS-4

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The Silva Method of NJ

The Original Silva Method Basic Lecture Series (BLS-4) Seminar is the heart of the Silva Method training.

Scientifically researched and tested, the BLS-4 seminar is the core and foundation for all other seminars, the advance Graduate Lecture Series seminar and the advanced Ultra Dynamic Energy Healing seminar. It is the basis from which the Youth seminar, the BLS-2 and the BLS-3 (which are much shorter), the Silva Life System (SLS) and the UltraMind ESP Systems seminars derived. By attending the original BLS-4 seminar your learn much more than any one of the other seminars

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to use the power of your focused mind and expanded thinking to improve your health, relationships, improve self-esteem, achieve your goals, and get the most out of your life.

The Original Silva Method Basic Lecture Series Program

The Silva Method BLS-4 seminar provides you with the mental tools to discover the limitless potentiality and power of your mind to manifest the "unreachable" easily and effortlessly in everyday life enjoying clarity of thought and concentration; achieving higher grades in school and excellence; better health and stress management; appreciating nature; loving and respecting oneself while enriching others; healing self and others; excelling athletically; feeling more self-confident and empowered; discovering your true and unlimited intuitive ability for decision making and creative imagination; effective sensory projection for intuitive thinking; creativity and life changing circumstances; getting information and influencing others psychically; overcoming deep-seated negative beliefs and emotions to attain anything in life. The Silva Method is learning to free your mind from all bondage and live a life of true freedom and peace.

Life is Work, Success and Joy in process. The original Silva Method Basic Lecture Series (BLS-4) seminar is about making Your journey the best it can be for You! Your Life is Your Journey and the choice is yours.

Silva Self-Mind Control - The History: Self-Mind Control is an educational self-help program now known as the Silva Method. Dr. José Silva was the creator of the program; he was an electronics specialist with no formal education who went to Universities only to teach professional psychologists and medical doctors how the mind works. Dr. Silva developed a strong interest in parapsychology after undergoing a mandatory psychiatric examination upon entering the service. He began devouring literature in these areas, including psychology. Dr. Silva started experimenting with hypnosis after he became an expert in hypnosis in an attempt to increase the I.Q., of his own children. One day while quizzing his daughter Isabel during a study period, he noticed that she was answering the questions he was preparing to ask before he phrased them. These results that he observed in his daughter Isabel led Silva to conclude that he had developed clairvoyance in her. This became a turning point in his life. Dr. Silva shifted all his attention and energy in this new venture. For the next ten years, he trained 39 more subjects who developed clairvoyance with his training.

Dr. Silva called this new science “Psycho-orientology” or “Subjective Education.” Dr. Silva defined subjective education as the science of “educating the mind to function consciously within its own psychic dimension.” It means becoming aware of the enormity of human potential and learning how to actualize this potential for the betterment of humanity.

In 1963, the Laredo Parapsychology Foundation was established. In three more years, Silva went public with his 48-hour Self-Mind Control Course. Dr. Silva’s program purports to teach adherents to increase their I.Q., develop clairvoyance, expand their awareness into higher and higher states of consciousness, and be able to use these heightened states of consciousness with awareness and heal the body. Silva Method graduates claim that the program has enabled them to be healthier happier, more successful and more spiritual as they become proficient in the use of their “inner mind” with conscious awareness. Some claim-increased skill in sports and victory over the classics -- obesity and smoking and all sorts of bad habits and addictions. The 4-unit BLS-4 seminar is a weekend program that has changed the lives of all people around the globe for the better.

Silva Self-Mind Control – How does it work? Silva Self-Mind Control bases its methodology on the split-brain work of Dr. Roger W. Sperry, Dr. Michael S. Gazzaniga and others. Dr. José Silva expanded upon the once highly controversial right brain/left brain premise. The split-brain theory teaches that thinking with the right brain is to be cultivated. It is apparently done by only 10% of the population. The BLS-4 seminar helps any human being to discipline their mind and direct it under their control within the higher cosmic plan of the Creative Energy.

Left brain thinking, logical, analytical and externally oriented and is probably the cause for most personal and world problems. Left-brain thinking makes use only of objective, intellectual, and logical means to correct problems. Right-brain thinking connects an individual to a “higher intelligence” which enables them to receive the guidance they need. The right brain “intuitive,” “creative,” “psychic” and “spiritual” enables an individual to access the subconscious by converting it to “Inner Consciousness” thus making available the information stored there. Right brain thinkers are able to solve world problems because they become in tuned to all the information available, anywhere it exists -- intuition or Effective Sensory Projection (ESP) does this. According to Dr. Silva, the attainment of ESP is an innate ability in all human beings and begins with simple visualization and projection techniques, which evolve into a mastered skill. A prerequisite for this phenomenon to occur is complete physical and mental relaxation, or dynamic meditation, which is learned in the first section of the Course. Dr. Silva’s research demonstrated that those who depend primarily on the left brain were functioning at the beta wave frequency when acting and thinking (90% of humanity), while those who naturally developed the right brain use (10% of humanity), function at the alpha wave frequency when thinking and at the beta wave frequency when acting, making thus more correct decisions in life, since they make use of their intuitive skills. People functioning at the alpha level are known to be the world’s geniuses. Dr. Silva, even though an expert, abandoned hypnosis completely after researching the power and use of the mind for 25 years discovering the most powerful level of the mind, the alpha level of the mind. He taught that through complete physical and mental relaxation and the dynamic use of meditation, brain wave frequency can be slowed enough to help subjects attain a prolonged alpha state, at will. With practice, theta and delta states are attained. Self-generated stimulation of the right brain (not done using outside sources) is known as self-mind control; it enhances I.Q. and develops clairvoyance since alpha brain waves are connected with the right brain’s subjective and intuitive processes. This is based on the science of “Psycho-orientology” the Science of Tomorrow, Today!

The original Course developed by Dr. Silva is the “Basic Lecture Series” seminar consisting of 4 units (MC101CR, MC202GSI, MC303ESP and MC404AESP; BLS-4), and it is the foundation on which intuition is developed. This is the only training that provides students with a thorough and step-by-step procedure to improve oneself through creative problem solving, to develop Clairvoyance and ESP, and have at the end of the course objective evidence of one’s subjective psychic abilities. The two other versions of the seminar known as BLS-2 and BLS-3 are shortened versions of the original BLS-4, which do not guarantee psychic development, but only problem solving techniques and a taste of intuition so people can continue to develop their growth by attending other Silva Method seminars, such as the original BLS-4 seminar and the Ultra Mind ESP seminar.

In summary, the Silva Method BLS-4 course is a meditation program designed to help any human being tap into his Unlimited Energy. It is the premier program of its kind! Its techniques are proven to give you specific results. Do you want to tap into the Unlimited Energy within You? Are you ready to discover the “genius” faculty of your mind? If so, here is your opportunity!!!

If you have ever heard about Jose Silva, Silva Mind Control, or the Silva Basic Lecture Series, you can be certain that it is The Silva Method. As the only Silva program with millions of graduates worldwide it is, by far, Jose Silva's greatest achievement and most respected contribution to humanity.

Since its introduction in 1966, this scientifically validated educational program has trained millions of people from all walks of life - entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, government executives, religious leaders, entertainers, parents, sports stars and mind/body masters - to master the keys for successful living.

The Silva Method, the world's premiere results orientated program, uses a system of dynamic meditation to help you increase your ability to maintain focus and expand your thinking as you learn practical, straightforward techniques for managing stress, solving problems, and getting more out of life.

The Original Basic Lecture Series (BLS-4)
Learn to live your life as if it were unfolding at an ideal place of creation

What you will learn:

Alpha Functioning
Learn to function at the alpha brain wave level with conscious awareness and experience the power of using both brain hemispheres instead of just one.

Positive Thinking
Learn to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude.

Learn relaxation techniques to relieve tension and stress, keeping you healthier and more productive than you have ever been before.Relaxation is the first step of the ladder to success. Learn to relax whenever you want, even in the midst of noise, turmoil and stressors without allowing the surrounding “chaos” to affect you in the least. The benefits of relaxation are now reported on a daily basis in prestigious journals, being acknowledged by traditional medical schools, validating the more than 40 years repeated results of the Silva Method educational program.

Stress Management
Enhance the quality of your life by eliminating stress. Strengthen you immune system, your health ally, for perfect health, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Mental House Cleaning 
Become aware and eliminate negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative language that limit your evolution to advance in life. Cleaning of the mental environment is of utmost importance in unleashing the fullest potential in you. The creative ability is in you! Check if your mental environment needs cleaning or it is cleaned. If the mental environment is clean and positive, your life reflects this! Through the application of Mental House Cleaning, we teach the principles that allow the light to shine through you and attract the blessings you deserve.

Cancel – Cancel
Cancel out thoughts beliefs and behaviors that hold you back and are incongruent with your purpose and your goals.

Positive “Alphamatics”
Empower, Reinforce, and maintain a winners attitude with high self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

The Three Legged Stool
Learn and practice the three might principles of the creative process that attract to you what you desire easily and effortlessly, at the quantum level of energy.

Sleep Control
Learn to fall asleep without the help of drugs (and their undesirable side effects) and wake up feeling completely refreshed and rested.

To Awake Control
Learn to wake up without an alarm clock.

Awake Control
Learn to reduce fatigue (physical and mental), stay awake and be alert longer so that you can get more done when necessary.

Dream Control
Learn to remember dreams and tap into their information to solve problems.

Headache Control
Through headache control you will learn to relieve tension and migraine headaches without the use of drugs.

Mental Screen
Set and achieve your goals effecitvely and efficiently.

Memory Pegs
Memory Pegs will help you to improve visualization, imagination and memory.

Mirror of the Mind
Learn to program yourself for success.

Hand Levitation
Learn to enter the theta brain wave level so you can correct problems that reside at these deep levels.

Glove Anesthesia
Learn to control pain and speed healing.

Glass of Water Technique
Learn to use the Glass of Water Technique to help you make the right decisions.

Weight and Habit Control
Learn to get rid of bad habits, replacing them with new good habits.

Learn to develop your natural intuitive abilities by experiencing them in a group setting.

Become a Master
Become a master of the science of orienting your mind at the level of thought energy, for genius performance. Optimize your triune brain at the level of super genius by controlled thought, will and action

Visualization and Imagination
The two faculties of human intelligence, is what makes the difference between mediocre and genius functioning. Mastering their use opens any door you want at your will. The graduate of the Silva Method educational program becomes a master in directing their mind through visualization and imagination to attract what they desire. Dr. Carl Simonton, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Clancy D. McKenzie and Dr. Aretoula Fullam are graduates of the Silva Method program who use the faculties of creative visualization with patients and report amazing healing experiences. (See, Graduate Comments in

Subjective Communication – Superior Clairvoyance
The Silva Method educational program has passed the time test in terms of scientific validity and replication, worldwide, in many diverse populations, (111 countries), that can proudly state there is no magic, or if you want “the magic is real.” The Silva Method educational program has demonstrated time after time that within every human being flows the creative energy, which when harnessed and directed is creating what those who are in ignorance call magic. Scientific study after scientific study demonstrate that when people learn to function within the “Alpha” dimension subjective communication and superior clairvoyance, are in effect. This is achieved by the completion of the fourth segment of the Silva Method program. The creative force is unleashed, the door to intuitive thinking is open and you direct your creative visualization at the subjective level, where all things are possible. There are no rituals, there are no secrets there are no questionable facts. There is only direct application of the step-by-step process you learned which takes the scales off your eyes and you are able now to see clearly who you are and what you can do! With the understanding of the method and the application of the techniques, each individual becomes a master in utilizing the dormant power of his inner consciousness. Then, the human being is able to use Inner and Outer consciousness or opens the gate of the Corpus Callosum that connects the two brain hemispheres, leading to whole brain integration. Subjective Communication and Superior Clairvoyance are experienced at the conclusion of the Seminar by all Graduates.


Please Call for Information
The Silva Life Method of Mind Control is based on Jose Silva's research of brain frequency. The Original Silva Method Basic Lecture Series (BLS) training is the core of Jose Silva's research and the method described in the "Blue Book", "The Silva Mind Control Method" by Jose Silva and Philip Miele. To understand how the newer Silva Life System (SLS) and The Silva Intuition Training (SIT) seminars relate to the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series (BLS) or any other questions call us at (201) 612-8200.

The Silva Method, or the Science of Psychorientology continues to introduce beneficial, safe, practical and results oriented step-by-step guidance to realize who you really are and who's image you are created like. The Silva Method continues to transform the lives of the people who attend the seminar and practice the techniques they learn. It offers you the tools which the masters of all ages used, to guide your mind and live your life in a purposeful, meaningful and successful way. Join us in a weekend seminar, to experience and master the eternal truths of wisdom, to empower your life, enrich your decisions, to make life choices you will never regret, and heal your self and your relationships. The Silva Method graduates learn to remove the corrosion from the link between themselves and our Creator and are reminded of our birthgiven right to freedom and choice to live their life enjoying abundance, health, happiness and success. Dr. Fullam, with a degree in psychology and a specialty in the psychosocial development of personality and health, and an expertise in the successful applications of the Silva Method techniques combines the best of the scientific method together with the best in the psychospiritual development to guide you to achieve the results you desire. Her unique way of presenting the Silva Method course accompanied by the breath taking paradigm shift and the results from the latest scientific discoveries, captivates every inquisitive mind who seeks to further his/her knowledge and reach enlightenment. Dr. Fullam shares with you the proven results studied in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology, the mind/body/spirit unity and how to connect the Infinite Intelligence that resides in you with the Cosmic Intelligence that created the Universe in a very simple and easy to understand way. Learn to appreciate who you really are and go through life hand in hand with the spirit that created you knowing that you are not alone but instead you are connected to the Source of All That Is and become whole, as you are created.

Using The Silva Method of the American Dynamic Meditation and Mind Development you can:

• Train your Mind to free the Genius in you in a unique and enlightening journey of self-discovery!

• Discover the Inner Power that created you and have your Mind's Infinite Intelligence to guide you in every decision in your life!

• Create a face to face communication with the Source of Everything, get guidance from this Source and live a purposeful and successful life!

• Experience your Mind's faculties of Visualization and Imagination and connect with the Power of Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence!

• Direct your Psychic Abilities to bring you the solution to problems you do not know the answers!

• Direct your body's wisdom, intelligence and strength to heal itself and live a healthy and joyful life!

• Tap into the vast resources of your Inner Consciousness and direct it to create the life you want for you and those around you!

• Manage stress and liberate yourself from the number one factor compromising your health.

• Eliminate insomnia without the use of drugs. A meditation that allows you to sleep again like a baby!

• Find your ideal weight and maintain it without any anxieties!

• Rid yourself from bad habits including smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse etc., without graving or relapsing!

Experience our dynamic meditation program that teaches you how to use your mind to achieve these and more!

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