Graduate Silva Method Seminar
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The Advanced Silva Method Graduate Seminar

The Silva Method Graduate Seminar Returns to New Jersey. This Dynamic Two-Day Graduate Seminar is presented by Dr. Aretoula Fullam.

Continue your personal evolution…
by attending the

Silva 2-Day Graduate Seminar

and learn to:

Enter Theta levels of mind easily
Use Current Life Age Regression
Share the Basic Silva techniques with loved ones
Learn Psychometry for advanced programming and detection of information
Learn Mind Mapping
Enhance your Intuition and Creative Abilities
These and more are possibilities for any student who applies the techniques and wisdom learned in Jose Silva's 2-Day Graduate Seminar.

Teach your loved ones how to go to level, so that they can relax physically and mentally for the control of stress and anxiety, better health and performance, and effective problem-solving with the Silva Method.

Learn to give the Special Cycle to your loved ones for regression into their past for better understanding of the past's influence on the present and for problem-solving.

Learn effective programming formula-techniques for mental rehearsal for self-confidence for any situation that usually causes anxiety, including sports, interviews, public presentations, business meetings, etc.

Learn why and how the power of the focused mind is the secret to success in all areas of life: business, health, creative expression and problem-solving.

Learn advanced case working techniques for business sales, investments, detective investigation for missing persons and objects, and relationships.

Experience six mental techniques, plus learn the Special Glass of Water Technique, the Center of Galaxy Technique and the Mental Rehearsal Technique.

In the BLS you were introduced to techniques which put you in charge of much of your future evolution, the evolution of your own consciousness.

You saw the powerful effects of the Silva training techniques and witnessed personally the tremendous growth possible in a single weekend intensive.

Continue now with your personal evolution in the 2-Day Graduate Seminar, which solidifies your understanding of the new powerful ways you can manage your self.

"I found the Graduate Course to be second to none, simply EXCELLENT. The structure was good and it was packed with high quality content. I did reach a much deeper level than have tried before. Our Instructor was very inspiring and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive. I found the following techniques useful. 1. The continued practice of going to level. This time I went there and could stay there. 2. The three faces of a person's mind and personality. 3. I found out the key to succeed with the Silva Method: Practice, Practice, Practice. 4. The Center of the Galaxy is an amazing technique.

Dr. Fullam, keep your focus and keep on doing what you are doing now! "

Mogens Svaerke Johansen, London, UK

In this seminar you will learn ...

How you fit into the universe as an integral part of it
More of what lies behind the Silva Method so that you can make the techniques work better for you and to know -- not guess -- that you’re programming correctly
Current Life Age regression for research and problem solving
How to be sure that you’ve established the deep level that you need in order to succeed
How to get help directly from higher intelligence when you hit a sticking point
What your purpose in life is and how to fulfill it
Jose Silva’s concept of Level 7 - The Evolution of Consciousness: Where did we come from, where are we headed, what is our purpose while we are here
New advanced programming techniques to help you reach more of your goals, easier and faster
How to take your family members to deep levels and program them for success with the Silva Method techniques
How dowsing, pendulums, and similar techniques work and how you can achieve the same results with your mind

Retrace Jose Silva’s footsteps Learn to research the way that Jose Silva did, with the Silva Special Conditioning Cycle and Age Regression.

The Special Cycle will take a person to deep theta levels quickly. It has been reported that this cycle has saved people's lives on several occasions, due to the ability to get the subject very deep quickly and program them.

Much of Jose Silva insights came from the age regression work that he did with his subjects. It is an excellent way to get very deep, quickly. It is also an excellent way to improve visualization. And often, the information that comes from age regression can be used to correct problems.

When Jose Silva first started teaching his Method, he taught all of this information. But he learned very quickly that it was too much all at once. That’s when he separated it into two parts:

1. The Basic Lecture Series, to teach you how to find your level, then activate your mind while remaining at your level, and how to use the basic techniques

2. The Graduate Seminar which explains the science behind the Method, how and why the techniques work, advanced programming skills so the techniques will work even more often, advanced techniques in addition to the ones you have already learned, a powerful conditioning cycle you can use to help your loved ones, and, finally, he shows you how to teach the methods in the BLS to your loved ones.

The SILVA METHOD ADVANCED GRADUATE SEMINAR is organized by Dr. Aretoula Fullam, your New Jersey Certified Silva Method Instructor. Dr. Fullam has trained under the Founder of the Silva Method, Dr. Jose Silva, as well as Dr. Harry McKnight, Nelda Sheets, Dr. Robert B. Stone, Drs. Tag and Judy Powell, Burt Goldman, Fr. Justin Belitz, Dr. Cleve Buckster, Dr. Rosa Rivas, Nigel Taylor, Panos Metaxatos, and many other renown Silva Method instructors. Dr. Fullam had the unique opportunity to meet and attend seminars with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer as well as Dr. Masaru Emoto, one of the leading researchers in the effects of thought on water!

Presently, Dr. Fullam is a Research Fellow in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital. She has trained in Clinical Mind/Body Medicine with Herbert Benson, M.D., at Harvard. Dr. Fullam is continuing her education to offer you the best from the world of Personality and Health Psychology (her expertise), Integrative Medicine, and Mind/Body/Spirit interventions.

Events like these are not offered very often! Register today!

Open to Silva Graduates.

Graduate Seminar:


Graduate Repeat:


$50 seating fee with preregistration, and Graduate Seminar ID or Certificate

We also do special seminars on related subjects let us know your specific needs.

Please call us at (201) 612-8200  for more details.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

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The Silva Method - Aretoula Fullam, Ph.D. - 38 E. Ridgewood Avenue, #217, Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450 - Phone: (201) 612-8200

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