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Visitors to our web sites often request a link to the interview on the MS study. Click here to view it:

“The specific feature of the Silva Method is to teach the subject (participant) to be in a state of relaxation, and while he/she is in this state, to utilize proper programming techniques to accomplish fixed goals.

“The Silva Method is not hypnosis, because the subject is conscious and is completely in control of himself while practicing the techniques; he remains mentally acive during the exercise, depending on no external agent.

“As opposed to biofeedback, (the Silva Method) provides techniques for the solution of specific problems, and it requires no apparatus.”

Dr. Moshe Almagor, 1984, Department of Psychology, Haifa University, Israel

“The results contradict Spielberger’s theory, which asserts that short method will not reduce the level of trait anxiety, but only the level of state anxiety. They (our significant results), suggest several possible explanations for this:
The course provides a more positive attitude towards the experiences, and emphasizes the importance of positive thinking.
The course provides specific programming techniques which can be utilized by the individual as a means for the solution of daily problems.
The course is a practical one, and it encompasses practice of all the techniques.
The pleasant atmosphere during the course, as well as the positive attitudes, contribute to relaxation and tranquility.

A follow-up six months after the training showed that “women participants attained a level of trait anxiety significantly lower than normative, while men reached the normative level.”

“In accordance with the results obtained, the course provides efficient means for reduction of the level of trait anxiety. There are indications that, in spite of the influence of modifying variables, the method exerts significant influence on trait anxiety.”

Dr. Moshe Almagor, 1984, Department of Psychology, Haifa University, Israel

Anything applied from the outside only treats symptoms temporarily. When you know how to do it yourself with conscious awareness at the alpha level of consciousness, you treat the cause of the problem, addiction, habit, symptom or illness. That is why the Silva Method has worked better than hypnosis, yoga, biofeedback and other procedures. The Silva Method succeeds where other methods succeed, and also succeeds where they (the other methods) fail – because you are helping yourself. This is the Silva Method’s “secret” of success.

Dr. Aretoula Fullam

The Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Corporation (KMRREC) is conducting a study to explore new ways to improve the symptoms of individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This study does not involve any invasive procedures. Participants will learn in a group seminar-like setting to relax their body and mind, and reach a profound level of relaxation in a matter of seconds. For further information please click the link below.

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