Before Class Tips
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The Silva Method

Before The Silva Class

- Register for the course on line or in writing, If you send your registration and check in early enough you could be entitled to a discount. There is plenty of room in the meeting room for you and any friends you are bringing along. However, if we not know you are coming, all available seats may be taken by others or we could change to a smaller room. We usually have to make decisions about three days before the class. Registering and paying in advance is a courtesy to the instructor who has prepared the course and the room for your maximum comfort and learning ability.

- Write the dates on your calendar so you will remember to be there. Although your memory will be much better after the course, it never hurts to remind yourself in not-so-subtle ways of important dates.

The Silva Mind Control Method

- It is not absolutely necessary, but if you have time get a copy of the "Blue Book", "The Silva Mind Control Method" by Jose Silva and Philip Miele. You can get it from us directly or at any of our seminars and any good bookstore can get it for you. Give us a call if you have any challenge finding a copy.

- Start reading the blue book. Knowing what to expect can lower your stress. The course is now taught in one weekend but the book has an outline of the four-day course. The content is the same but it was found over the years that much less time was needed to master the information. We teach the full four-day course in just one weekend without leaving a thing out. Call us and we will tell you how we do it.

- Practice the techniques in the book in Chapter 3, How to Meditate. The first few hours of the course will further develop these skills. It’s not necessary to prepare but it will enhance your learning.

- Find the hotel. You may think you know where it is, but clicking on the link to the hotel (Dates/Locations) will provide you a tool for navigation. The hotel is obscured from Route 17 by trees and the local town limits the hotel to a small sign. It is somewhat easy to overshoot the entrance. You can call us ahead of time and we can give you detailed instructions. The best way is to try and come to one of our free sessions, usually held Sunday afternoon the week before the class weekend. It makes a good practice run and you can get to speak with us there.

- You can bring some snacks or lunch to the seminar, if you want. Water, tea and coffee will be available at the hotel. At least an hour is normally given for the lunch break. There are many choices for lunch locally. Within a short drive west (0.7 mile) there are 8-10 restaurants (Mexican. Blimpie Sandwiches, Asian, Italian, Japanese, Macdonald's, pizza, historic AB&G). For the children's seminar we often get a large table in the restaurant for everyone to stay together. It is your choice.

- You will not need to take notes as all of the material will be in the manual that is included with the course but a small pad and pen can be handy if you wish to share contact information with the other students.

- Dress comfortably and bring a jacket or sweater. Hotel meeting rooms are notorious for being warmer or colder than is comfortable.

- Bring your checkbook. We usually have some books, CDs and other material available for purchase. No credit cards accepted at the seminar.


Silva Method Weekly Tips
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